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The Modern Mystery School is an international community and organization for individuals who seek personal development. Its purpose is to serve, usher in light and awaken people to their true potential and calling in this life. All humans have the capacity to live empowered and in joy. The Modern Mystery School is carrying on an ancient lineage that stretches back unchanged and unbroken in time more than 3000 years.

be all you can be.

Schedule a free consultation. We will talk about your individual needs on the phone or via video call. You will receive a customized step-by-step plan to overcome all the blocks that prevent you from living a successful and happy life with ease and serenity.


... and since that day more and more power and freedom comes to me. It is the best thing I could do for a long time to free myself from my old relationships and relationship patterns. Also the Blessings I received afterwards gave me strength and courage to let the subsequent intense process of change happen in peace and trust. I feel so much freedom now, a few weeks later, and am very grateful for this powerful gift. I recommend this empowering method to anyone who wants to step into their power. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Elli!" Anna Ariel, Healing Coach & Artist

... I felt a loaded energy clearing and balancing my centers - comparable with a short trip deep relaxation. I can highly recommend this modality to everybody. Try it out." Philipp Schardt, Music Producer & Spiritual Coach

... I went into the healing with the intention to gain some clarity on things to come. During the healing session so many past experiences came to surface, all of these traumas were holding me back from that clarity I was seeking. As these traumas came to surface in the session I was able to let go of them on a much deeper level and felt so much lighter after. I'm ready to keep moving forward with a better sight on my vision. Thanks to this healing session. Thanks Elli for such a powerful experience!" Chelsea de Lisser, Yoga instructor & Light Energy Worker

... It was just relaxing, soothing and made me feel satisfied. After a while my abdomen spoke up and my belly chuckled and growled, it definitely got something going. When I took the dog for a walk in the afternoon, I felt happy for the first time since my husband passed away. My weak nerves that had led to digestive problems are now regenerating. I am very grateful for this experience." Karin Gunnar, Singer