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Sacred Geometry is the study and contemplation of cosmic proportion and geometric patterns that are fundamental to the creation and structure of the universe.

It teaches you a metaphysical understanding of the patterns, frequencies and vibrations that shape our physical world. It is an exploration of the keys of creation, and an expression of the divine.

The first level of Sacred Geometry series introduces you to the primary patterns of creation and how you can use these tools to infuse spiritual energies into matter.

By studying the divine geometric patterns, one learns to open oneself to deeper understanding and universal wisdom. This ancient knowlegde supported greats like Pythagoras, DaVinci, Michelangelo or Nicola Tesla to bring mankind forward.

4 Stunden Workshop

Investment: 155 €

The Life Activation is highly recommended for all classes, please find your local practitioner for this session.


Package: Sacred Geometry 1 and Astral Travel for 290 € (statt 310€)  

Package: Sacred Geometry 1 and Sacred Geometry 2 for 567 € (instead of 611€).  


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