Even though each modality does something on its own, they do not stand alone. All of them are about building a more intense relationship with yourself, clearing your mind, becoming healthier mentally, emotionally, but also physically. Find out what your true purpose is and how to live it out. How to unleash the power within you and live a fulfilled life in which you hold the reins.


The Life Activation is your first step. It is the most basic of all modalities that will take you forward in every way. It strengthens the connection between body and spirit, while the Full Spirit Activation intensifies the connection between body and soul in the second step.

After the Life Activation, you can receive a Full Spirit Activation or a Purpose of Life Reading within three months. You can think of this time window as a "maintenance-free" space in which other subtle treatments can be performed. After some time, the energy flow is not as strong as it was at the beginning, so after this three-month time frame, you must receive the Life Activation again before you can be open to the Full Spirit Activation or the Purpose of Life Reading.

clearing and protection

The Full Energy Clearing includes three parts, which are also all available separately. It is a powerful ritual that effectively removes negative thoughts and emotions, as well as frees you from disturbing outside influences.

You can repeat this modality at regular intervals, especially if you are in an environment that charges you a lot. It does not always have to be negative, but describes irritations and/or distractions of any kind.

Ensofic Ray Healing

Probably the most powerful energy healing you can get in the CAPE, it works very physically and can be applied to serious or chronic illnesses, after an operation or an accident, to support your healing process from the depths. If you are physically healthy, Ensofic Ray Healing initiates a fundamental transformation process within you and allows you to overcome issues in your life that are inhibiting you.

Ensofic Ray is the entire Reiki system, and aside for the many benefits of Reiki, this ray also heals the spirt and the soul. The outcome is miraculous mind-body healing and vast advancement in all you desire.

energy healings

Aura Healing seals holes in your aura. Crystal Healing can be used in many ways to heal mental and physical nature.

The Spark of Life healing is something very special, and available as remote healing.

Shamanic Aura Clearing has a very relieving effect on the body. With the Soul Retrieval we bring back lost soul parts into your system.


Psychic readings are generally not empowering to the receiver. It some cases it may even be a disservice to the person and their spiritual progression. The Mystery School tradition focuses on training individuals to be able to discern for themselves, strengthen their intuition and receive guidance from their own higher self.

That being said, we approach the readings we offer with the highest integrity and keep to the highest standards.


Frequently asked questions

No. Life Activation, Energy Clearing and all other modalities from our range only work in person and together in a physical space.

There are two exceptions: The Spark of Life and Ensofic Reiki can also be given remotely.

Just be kind to yourself. Take time for your well-being and be happy that you are doing something good for yourself.

It's nice if you don't have to fulfill any obligations the rest of the day after, or at least for a few hours, and you can do something exclusively for your peace of heart.

All energy healings set profound processes in motion. Their effect builds up steadily over several weeks and unfolds very individually.