Empower Thyself

manifest your reality

This two-day workshop sustainably unlocks ten times your physical energy and capacity. This creates a foundation that you can direct towards the realization of your goals and dreams in life. You will be able to more easily initiate changes in your energy field that you need to reach your full potential.

With the physical initiation included in this course, there also happens a permanent alignment of your personal willpower to flow in accordance with the will of God, nature and the universe. You gain access to hidden secrets of the cosmos and from now on you can give yourself answers to profound questions of meaning in life. The tenfold increase in positive light energy allows you to more easily handle challenges and obstacles that come up in life.

In the Empower Thyself workshop you will learn how your own energy system works. You will be given sacred tools and rituals that initiates have been using for thousands of years. These connect you to your intuition and spiritual guidance and give you greater awareness. You will be introduced to the structure of the cosmos and gain access to the "Hierarchy of Light," a powerful army of benevolent helpers with whom you can work in your daily life. You also will learn how to work specifically with angels, archangels and light beings to shape your life. In addition, you will be empowered to grow your chi and protect your personal energy field.

All these keys you can use from now on to awaken your divinity and align yourself with your true purpose, to manifest step by step the life you truly want to live.

This is a two-day program, and its completion is marked with a sacred initiation ceremony. With the initiation you become part of the lineage of King Salomon, handed down from teacher to student for 3000 years. With this, you are granted access to a whole system of lore of the ancient mystery schools that goes back even further. On the "path of initiation" there are countless stations that want to be explored, adapted and lived, and that hold countless tools for healing and manifestation for you and the world and allow you an even deeper immersion in the mysteries.

Prerequisite: Life Activation

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Investition: 1.678 €

Is ONE of the following statements true for you?

If the answer is YES, Empower Thyself may well be your best step in life!

If you haven't had a Life Activation yet, please find your local practitioner for this session.


Package: Life Activation and Empower Thyself Workshop for 1.945 € (instead of 2.134 €).

The Life Activation-session will take place before the workshop on an agreed date, which we will coordinate with you.

By booking this package you will receive an extra bonus in form of an Energy Clearing (normal price: 150 €), which will be done with the life activation in one session!


Please call us directly at +49 (0)172 8693666 or write to info@daskapdergutenhoffnung.de.

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