max meditation system

The Max Meditation System ™ is a unique combination of the best meditation techniques from Eastern and Western teachings, a fusion of ancient mystery school tradition, modern psychology and NLP. It helps everyone experience the benefits of meditation, whether beginner or advanced.

Next dates: 16th and 23rd of June, 7th of July 2024 

sacred geometry

Step by step, the Sacred Geometry series (I-XIII) will take you from activating the core geometries in your physical body through using them for setting sacred space, protection and healing for yourself and your clients.

Next dates: 28th an 29th of June 2024

the 12 magickal beings of the world of humans

The 12 beings include elves, fairies, mermaids, atlanteans, lemurians, mu and more. mystery schools have always known about them sometimes referred to as the elemental people.

Next date: 29th of June 2024

journeys of the spirit

This intensive workshop opens up the gateways to ascending through the spiritual dimensions to connect with your Higher Self, your Spirit Guides, Masters of Light and other Beings of Light.

Next date: 30th of June 2024

empower thyself

The workshop "Empower Thyself" introduces you to metaphysical concepts and ancient teachings that have been kept hidden throughout history. The secrets of the ancient sages EMPOWER you to use these tools for yourself now.

Next date: 13th/14th of July 2024

astral travel

Astral Travel is defined as the art or science of travelling outside of the body to obtain information. Whether you think that you’ve astral traveled before, or are simply ready to explore the universe and all that lies within it, the ability to consciously travel and obtain information will give you a powerful sense of freedom, knowledge, growth and joy!

Next date: expected in July 2024

spiritual intuition

Spiritual Intuition applies the use of your spiritual senses, or „gifts“. This workshop will teach you how to expand your awareness to perceive more than you thought you could. Opening your spiritual senses will help you to receive information more clearly and enhance your walk upon the spiritual path enabling greater reception of guidance and self-realization.

Next date: expected in July 2024

sanctuary meditation

The trusted method for tuning in to the wisdom of your soul! You will be able to take this technique home with you and can accelerate your healing, growth and understanding of your life.

Next date: expected in July 2024

the 7 mystery schools

In this class, you will be unraveled to the mystery of the mystery schools, introducing the foundation of each school and its different branches of study or energy work, such as Shamanism, Alchemy and Druidism.

Next date: expected in July 2024


Frequently asked questions

No. The keys that are handed down to you in the various workshops have only been passed down orally from teacher to student in person for thousands of years.

Meditation is always good, but not a must. Just be good to yourself and appreciate that you are doing something special for your personal development.

Try to make yourself as mentally free as possible, so that what you learn anew can unfold widely in your system.

Very accurate. You can be sure that our premises are sufficiently ventilated and air washers are in use. Disinfectant and lotion are available.

Please take care yourself to bring a face mask and wear it at all times when you are away from your seat. We are all required to behave appropriately so that we are considerate of each other.