the modern mystery school

The lineage of the Modern Mystery School dates back to the times of King Salomon and has therefore, over 3,500 years of history and lineage. While the mystery school tradition is much older than that, the lineage of the mystery school and its teachings can be verified and traced back to the teachings of King Salomon himself.

Lineage, by definition, means a lineal descent from an ancestor, ancestry or pedigree. The Modern Mystery School’s derivation is from an ancient tradition of sharing of knowledge from teacher to student, affirmed by the holy process of initiation.

Through the power of activation, initiation and the wisdom of the lineage, the Modern Mystery School provides the tools, teachings, healings, services, classes and programs that enable the initiate to transform themselves, coming into a state of truly knowing themselves.

To “Know Thyself” is the motto of the mystery school.

By creating a sacred and safe space, through which the exploration of metaphysics, spiritual practice and service is enabled, the initiate embarks on a journey of deep self discovery, delving into the layers of yourself, coming into awareness of your divine nature and purpose here on earth.

"I have not walked any other spiritual path than that of the Modern Mystery School. That's why I can't compare. But I have heard a lot about gurus and that they do not empower people. Rather, through a guru, people often find more excuses not to take responsibility for their own lives. What I found positive about the Mystery School from the beginning is that you are not presented with answers. You are given techniques. Then you have to find your answers yourself. This gives you enormous power and self-confidence. And you can deepen these techniques and use them throughout your life. You learn how to use your creative power and also in a material sense. This kind of independence holds a deep satisfaction with which you can fulfil yourself and share with the world." Elli Wissmüller

elli wissmüller

Elli Wissmüller comes from a performing arts background and found the teachings of the Modern Mystery School in 2016, where she received her first initiation. She founded the KAP of Good Hope in Berlin in 2017, a place where people can dive into the ancient knowledge in the form of events and individual sessions. It is a place of peace and positive energy.

Elli Wissmüller herself is a certified Healer, Guide and Ritual Master with the Modern Mystery School. She also teaches workshops, higher classes and holds initiations in Berlin and Munich. 

Previously, she had worked with the Modern Mystery School under the guidance of international teachers and high initiates in the lineage of King Salomon, who came to Berlin at regular intervals.

Together, with a growing community, we are bringing the lost knowledge and energetic work back to Germany.