RA Healing

clearing and protection

ra healing

Shani is exclusively offering RA Healing during her visit this time, which you can book as a single session with her if you want to release negative energies and need a strong protection ritual that lasts for several months.

From 24th until 27th of February 2023

Shani Lehrer offers private healing sessions during her visits. On 28th and 29th of January, she has reserved a few time slots for what is called RA healing. This offer is for those who are determined: "This is exactly what I need right now!"

If you want to have all the negative energies swept away from your body and need extra protection, this is EXACTLY what you need.

RA Healing is a core flushing of negative energies from your entire being. In a four-part sequence, this healing eats up the negative energies around and within you, floods your entire system with radiant spiritual sunlight, and then repeats the sequence a second time, like wringing out a sponge to get all the dirt and grime out.

RA Healing also has a powerful protective effect, and this extra spiritual light continues to flow through your system, protecting you for several weeks to months after your session.

If you are suffering from overwhelm, challenges, negative people or relationships, illness, enemies or persistent bad luck, RA Healing can give you a new level of clarity, freedom and peace.

The one-to-one session costs € 495 and will take place between 24th and 27th of February 2023. Write or call us to reserve your time slot and get more information.