Awaken Thyself

awaken your full potential

//erwecke dein selbst

In dieser Einführungsklasse geht es darum, Dein Verständnis bezüglich des Pfades der Einweihung zu vertiefen. Außerdem enthält dieser Abend die Heiligtum-Meditation, eine spezielle Meditationstechnik, die Dich akkurat und geschützt mit Deinem Höheren Selbst in Kontakt treten lässt.//

Experience an evening full of healing meditations, sacred geometry and knowledge that has been passed down orally for thousands of years.

Learn how to be even more in touch with your own greatness and power, and how to connect with your Highest Self.

This evening you will gain more insight and clarity into your true purpose and learn the path of initiation and the energy of this ancient, unbroken Mystery School tradition that dates back to King Salomon.

You will experience sacred rituals for greater protection in your life and the power of Sacred Geometry when used to raise the energy of a space. You will experience a sacred meditation technique to create your own inner sanctuary and connect with your Higher Self. You will learn to use specific energies in your daily life and about the path of initiation, its benefits and privileges within the Mystery School lineage.

6th of August

5:30 - 8 pm

Investment: 35 €

your teacher

Philipp Schardt, initiated Guide, Healer and Teacher in the 3000 year old Lineage of King Salomon. Philipp is also an award-winning gold and platinum music producer and together with Dr. Theresa Bullard (host of the GaiaTV show "Mystery Teachings") creator of the Kabbalah Chants, a musical meditation journey through the "Tree of Life" with Binaural Healing Frequencies.

"I feel excited to accompany you into your power and most beautiful life!"

The Life Activation is highly recommended for all classes, please find your local practitioner for this session.


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