Full Energy Clearing

„Das energetische Cord Cutting bei Elli war so intensiv, ich hatte unmittelbar danach das Gefühl, dass eine große Veränderung angestoßen wurde und seit diesem Tag kommt auch immer mehr Kraft und Freiheit zu mir. Es ist das Beste was ich seit langem machen konnte, um mich von meinen alten Beziehungen und Beziehungsmustern zu erlösen. Auch die Blessings, welche ich anschließend erhalten habe, gaben mir Kraft und Mut, den anschließend intensiven Veränderungsprozess in Ruhe und Vertrauen geschehen zu lassen. Ich fühle jetzt, einige Wochen danach, so große Freiheit und bin sehr dankbar für dieses kraftvolle Geschenk. Ich empfehle jedem, der in seine Kraft treten will, diese ermächtigende Methode. Danke von Herzen, Elli!“ Anna-Kristin Jensen, Coach & Healing Artist, Juni 2018

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Negative Energy Removal

Negative Energy Removal is a process of clearing psychic and mental blocks, thus paving the way for more control of ones life. The thoughts of those surrounding you can positivity or negatively influence your life. Such influences may be minor, such as undesirable thoughts directed at you, or more significant, such as someone expressing profanities and wishing the worst for you. Such negativity can create energetic blockages and interfere, causing setbacks and struggle.

During this powerful process, the negative charge of energies around you is reversed, cleared and returned to its source, to be used in harmony with the light. Clearing of negative energy and interferences caused by others’ thoughts and projections is suitable for all, and recommended to receive regularly for maintenance of general wellbeing.

Emotional Cord Cutting

There are energetic cords that connect us to everyone in our lives, past and present, through which  people can “pull” on your energy, leaving you feeling tired and off-center.  The Emotional Cord Cutting disconnects these emotional cords so you stop losing energy to other people.

Purification by Light

This session cleanses your aura from undesirable energy and debris. It is an effective way to receive a spray of light abolishing all impurities. The result is a heightened sense of lightness and clarity.