Sa, 15. Dec            15:30-20:00 : Receive with Ease * Introduction to the New Years Program

*** Gratis Webinar mit Shani Lehrer am 17. Dezember um 18:00 Uhr. Bitte schreibe uns, um den zoom link zu erhalten *** Free webinar with Shani Lehrer on 17th of December at 6pm. Please email us for receiving the access link ***

Classes with Shani Lehrer

Fr, 25. Jan                    10:00-16:00 : Buildig Wealth lead by Shani Lehrer

Fr, 25. Jan                    17:00-21:00 : Sacred Geometry I lead by Shani Lehrer

Sa/So, 26./27. Jan    10:00-18:00 : Empower Thyself   two days program & Initiation lead by Shani Lehrer

upcoming                  Sacred Geometry II